At Australian Select Timbers we take pride in our commitment to environmental preservation. Through the mindful use of sustainably sourced timbers and the conscious reduction of hardwood materials, we play an important role in conserving this indispensable resource.


Striving for a sustainable future, our aim is to provide consumers with eco-friendly products that are manufactured with reduced waste, to not only showcase our motivation and dedication, but also inspire the industry to explore more sustainable products and possibilities to drive positive change within the market.

Eco-Friendly + Waste Reduction

Our engineered timber flooring is one of the most sustainable, stable and eco-friendly products on the market.


Where traditional solid timber flooring uses only a small percentage of sections of timber, our engineered timber flooring is constructed using multiple thin hardwood sheets that are thoughtfully arranged, glued and pressed with the grain running at right angles to the adjacent sheet to minimise waste. Today’s flooring market is seeing an increase in wider and longer boards meaning the need for stability in the construction of engineered flooring is forever evolving to meet market trends. The use of a multi-ply core is paramount to the longevity of your engineered timber flooring as it provides exceptional stability.


Our engineered timber flooring uses up to 90% less hardwood in the veneer when compared to a traditional solid timber flooring. 


We are proud to contribute positive change to the flooring industry by reducing our impact on the environments by selecting FSC/PEFC certified and forestry managed plantation timbers.

Carbon Neutral

About 50 per cent of timber's dry weight — that is, the weight of timber after its dried — is carbon. Soft timbers such as pine and poplar store less carbon, but grow much faster than hardwood timbers like Ironbark.


What that means in practice is if you've got a timber flooring that weighs 300 kilograms; 150 kilograms of that is carbon that has been absorbed from the atmosphere and stored or "sequestered" in the timber.


Longevity of a floor is paramount in minimising environmental impact. The longer you keep a timber floor, the longer it is before the carbon it has stored enters the atmosphere and causes a negative impact on the environment.

Working Together

We continue to work with our reliable manufacturing partners to ensure we source only forestry managed timber and materials. All of Australian Select Timbers products have been tried and tested and will continue to provide superior performance in busy interiors.


All certifications are available to you upon request to demonstrate to your clients that you have met their expectations for ethical, green trading.

Our Mission

Sustainability is a core aspect of our vision as we endeavour to support our customers in achieving their objectives alongside our own. As we strive for a sustainable future, our focus on innovative products remains steadfast.


Australian Select Timbers; a better choice, a better environment.


It’s all a part of our mission to create innovative products that make our life and environment positive, while still bringing you the best flooring possible.


To learn more about our commitment to sustainability and our environment, contact us.