Surface Protection
Surface Protection

Our SelectGuard temporary floor and surface protector is perfect to minimise mess and damage to your surfaces during renovations or new builds! 

SelectGuard lays out easily and is extra durable to protect surfaces from work boots, dust, debris, mud and high traffic zones during the completions of work on your home or commercial interior.

Roll Size: 50m²
Roll Diameter: 520mm approx.
Roll Width: 1200mm ± 0.5%
Thickness: 3mm
Surface: Poly-woven (anti-slip)
Density: 33kg/m³ approx.
Weight: 9kg approx.
Structure material: Foam
Overlap: N/A
Moisture barrier: N/A
Non-abrasive 3mm foam & a poly-woven top
Spill and moisture resistant technology
Flexible and durable for easy use
Each roll is 50m² with a 1.2m width
Robust against high traffic
Ideal for protection during renovations
Perfect for protection during construction
Easy to dispose
Easy installation